• Our Community

Our Community

It is said that charity begins at home, and Ergosystem lives by this. We have empathy for our staff and their social needs. Ergosystem, within reason is a life line support structure from time off work to financial support and the emotional relief thereof.

Being socially aware is a part of our company DNA. In the same way that we care about our colleagues, we care about the environment and the community we operate in and come from.

Our Community

Poster done by St Vincent School for the Deaf to thank us for our donation.

Ergosystem supports a number of charitable projects each year, from providing free product and installations to schools and churches, to sponsoring sports development, ongoing charitable fund raising events as well as our staff collecting money for Reach for a Dream – our current project.

Our Soccer Team
Our Fishing Team


Socially, within Ergosystem, we have our own soccer team, aspiring cyclists, past provincial rugby players and even a provincial competitive fly fisherman.

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