• Our People

    Our dynamic management team: Sandile Mhlungu (Factory Supervisor), John Hicks (MD: Acoustic Walling Solutions), Richard Turnbull (Financial Director), Dean Armstrong (MD: Ergosystem Flexible Walling Solutions), Lee-Anne Armstrong (Director), Guy Kenyon (MD: Translucent Walling Solutions), Darren Youlley (Production Manager)

Our People

The average Ergosystem employee has served around 7 years with the company, almost as long as the company has been an independent manufacturing entity (2006). Many have been involved with Ergosystem for more than 10 years. Such a loyal, stable workforce is the exception rather than the norm in our sector, and we believe it says a lot about our company.

We don’t believe that we are a small company operating in a Third World country. We KNOW we are a competitive, structured company with integrity and values, differentiating ourselves by adopting a First World mindset where quality and service are an essential part of our core business.

Sales Staff

At the core of every business is its sales force. We operate primarily as consultants offering the best solutions to our clients based on their brief, requirements, budget and functionality. It is often said that we would rather sell the right solution at R1 profit than sell the incorrect solution for R100 profit. Now that’s Passion.

Support Staff

Behind all of our operations, there are support staff, the people in the pit lane. Ergosystem has an incredible support team, from debtors and creditors, to logistics and inventory. Our administrative team, led by Richard Turnbull, has a thorough understanding of the importance of their respective roles in ensuring the success of the company as a whole.

Production Team

Sandile and Jaco at the CNC machine.

Production Team

Darren and Bennie getting to grips with the logistics.

Production Staff

Our staff and their passion are at the heart of Ergosystem’s success. We currently employ between 55 and 60 people at any given time. This number increases when we need to operate our night shift.

We believe that our staff members are the most skilled and qualified in their respective positions. We employ skilled staff over unskilled, wherever possible, giving our teams the upper hand when installing on site and on the spot improvisation is needed – which happens more often than one would realise.

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