Ergosystem acquires Kubik and Mofex

It is with excitement that Ergosystem Flexible Walling Solutions announces the acquisition of the Mofex and Kubik brands. The brands were previously owned and manufactured by Rentalight in Cape Town.

Rentalight under the helm of Dirk Durnez in Cape Town, ceased to exist from the end of April 2013 and a new Cape Town branch of Ergosystem Walling Solutions (Pty) Ltd began trading in its place on 1 May 2003.

The new entity is owned by Ergosystem Flexible Walling Solutions and managed by Dirk Durnez. The local manufacture of the Erogsystem products will be done by Concept 3 in Cape Town. It is an arrangement in which both Ergosystem and Concept 3 will see many beneficial scenarios.

Ergosystem will bring its extensive product range to the Cape Town interiors market, which includes brands like 3-form, Mirroflex, Wovin Wall, Fabritrak and of course, Kubik and Mofex.

These brands are represented across 6 continents and are aimed at the Retail, Hospitality, Corporate and Commercial Interior Markets.

Ergosystem has distributor representation in many centres across South Africa and the African continent, and considers itself to be well poised to assist in local or rollout operations.

Ergosystem's Dean Armstrong and Richard Turnbull shake on the deal with Dirk Durnez

Ergosystem’s Dean Armstrong and Richard Turnbull shake on the deal with Dirk Durnez


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