Meet the team

Ergosystem’s second showroom as launched last night in Deco Park. With 2 floors of new products and applications, the space showcases the two new specialist companies in the group, namely Acoustic Walling Solutions and Translucent Walling Solutions.

Management Team

Our dynamic management team: Sandile Mhlungu (Factory Supervisor), John Hicks (MD: Acoustic Walling Solutions), Richard Turnbull (Financial Director), Dean Armstrong (MD: Ergosystem Flexible Walling Solutions), Lee-Anne Armstrong (Director), Guy Kenyon (MD: Translucent Walling Solutions), Darren Youlley (Production Manager)

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  1. Johan 28/07/2016 at 7:51 pm #


    We are moving into a new office – open plan about 500-800 square meters. We are looking for walling solutions to keep each cubicle quiet. It is open plan except for a few offices. We’d need enough for 20 cubicles or areas.

    I’ve been browsing on google and see perfectpartitions. able walling and yours. Which partitions would you recommend for minimizing sound and that are also reusable. How does your product compare to Perfect Partitions and Able.

    Thanks for your help.


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