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Introducing SOHO

There’s a new norm. 21 days has past and a new habit has been formed.

Working from home may have been difficult, but we suspect that it had its benefits and downsides.


  • No Traffic
  • Flexi hours
  • No Open plan distractions
  • More Productivity
  • Quality Family time
  • More time in the day
  • Personal Hygenic Space
  • Quality home Lunchtime meals


  • No dedicated workstation to perform Tasks
  • Not enough workstations for working from home, Home schooling etc
  • Don’t have correct tools for the trade
  • No Correct office chair, (Sore back and shoulders)
  • Less productive since don’t have support office equipment
  • Social Cohession
  • No conference or Tele conferrencing presence.
  • No office storage
  • Current Plug points
How SOHO solves this problem.

List of requirements for efficient Small Office Home Office station.

  • Ergonomic Office Chair with armrests
  • Mobile Pedestal with seat for joint discussions and work collaboration
  • Correct working Height Desk
  • Acoustic absorption for better concentration and sound clarity for tele conferencing and video calling (Skype / Zoom)
  • Above Desk plug and play power sockets with all power configurations
  • Dimmable Led task light.
  • Storage shelves, Cubes and cabinets (Modular swop out components)
  • Wi Fi range extender
  • Hood with pivotable Green Screen backdrop and writable whiteboard.
  • Pinter station
  • Variable Height touchdown Laptop perch.
Who is SOHO aimed at.

Corporates and their employees

  • Corporates who want to empower their employess to work from home and reduce the
  • Reduce costly head office Financial floor footprints
  • Ensure that social distancing and work from home models indeed work.
  • Provide the right set of tools for employees work from home remain productive and inclusive by all having the same tools.
  • Financial support in acquiring the tools

Universities and their Students

Schools and their Scholars

What makes SOHO different.
  • Nothing like this exists
  • Will fit into any existing space
  • Does not need a dedicated room
  • Comes with power and lighting
  • Can come with WIFI Range extender
  • Embraces the Tele cofferencing element
  • Allows for shared info with projectable Green screen
  • Allows whiteboard interaction
  • Allows sit to Stand and touchdown space
  • Allows two people to use at the same time
  • Totally relocateable
  • Modular addon and exchange components