• Ripple


Ripple uses a dual curved tile system to create a sense of depth in a smaller scale tile.

A glimpse of the shadow tiles in a fabric upholstered or polypropylene finish, peeking through the contrasting textures of the Ripple face tiles give the system a striking effect. The play of textures can be accentuated by the choice of colour on the RIPPLE face tiles and Shadow tiles to result in an appearance from subtle and elegant, sleek and modern, to fun and punchy.


Ripple can be highlighted with the use of backlighting when using Polypropylene Shadow tiles. Backlighting creates a subtle effect, the light only glowing around the edges of the Ripple tiles. Dimmers can be useful to alter the mood from day to night.

The Ripple tiles flow down walls with smooth undulating effect. Ripple is an elegant, simple, lightweight, decorative wall and ceiling system which is easy to install and can be fixed to most walls or ceilings. Ripple is a modular system making it easy to transport.



Ripple face tiles are available in a wide variety of standard finishes such as timber laminate, polypropylene, laminate, and aluminium. The shadow tiles are available in your choice of fabric upholstered tiles, or polypropylene.

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