• Wovin Wall


Wovin Wall ® is available in either Standard or Oval shaped tiles.

With subtle curves and an open weave pattern, standard tiles lend themselves beautifully to being backlit. A subtle line of light glows from the tile edges onto surrounding tiles creating a striking effect.

Wovin Wall

Standard tile designs are sculptural in form and create a distinctive, elegant woven pattern.

Wovin WallWovin Wall


Oval tile designs are formed by beautiful organic scallop shapes which help to create feature walls with strong, fluid lines. The deep curves of the oval tiles form quite a tight interlocking weave which is also a perfect canvas for printed images.

Backlit oval tiles work best in a tile finish that will allow light through the face of the tile such as Polypropylene  in either opaque or translucent finishes, or in one of our printed finishes. A backlit Wovin Wall ® of oval tiles will create a stunning, glowing wall of light.

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