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From materials that break the mold, hardware solutions that simplify installations, to one-stop solutions that provide instant design possibilities, 3form has created a breadth and depth of offerings that make the connection from inspiration to installation seamless and uniquely yours.

3form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable building materials like translucent panels and material solutions for the Architecture + Design industry and is available in South Africa exclusively through Ergosystem.

Colour, form texture and light – 3form materials provide these essential qualities to any architectural installation.

Ergosystem Walling Solutions 3Form Varia

The innovative Varia Ecoresin® system, with 40% recycled content, encapsulates translucent colour, organic materials, sheer fabrics and embossed textures within translucent resin panels for decorative glass alternatives.

Ergosystem Walling Solutions 3Form Chroma     Ergosystem Walling Solutions 3Form Parametre

3form’s proprietary acrylic Chroma panels are now also available with 40% recycled content.

100 Percent is exactly as the name suggests – made with 100% recycled content!

3form 3D solutions transform walls, create impressive ceiling accents, develop creative partitions and walls with striking, easy to install modular solutions – Play with sculptural forms, colour, shape, depth and light. Realize your design story with creative solutions from 3form.

Ergosystem Walling Solutions 3Form Facet     Ergosystem Walling Solutions 3Form Ditto

Dynamically transform walls and partitions, add subtle privacy or create stunning design features:

Innovative 3form Facet is a completely modular system for window screens and space dividing application with endless possibilities.

Play with structure, form, color shape and light with Ditto, a revolutionary new 3D modular product by 3form.

Redefine the parameters of a room with lightweight and expandable Parametre 3D-textile systems.

Use 3form to create transparent walls, ceilings, dividers, partitions, desks, sliding doors and other architectural solutions.

Visit the international website: www.3form.eu