• 3form Chroma



Bold, solid and translucent surface that explores luminous colour, texture and design

3form Chroma offers unique aesthetics and performance for both horizontal surfaces and lighting applications. The product clarity offers designers the ability to create beautiful edge-lit pieces. Available in thick gauge formats, 3form Chroma utilizes advanced colouring technology to take colour to new “sights”.

3form Chroma

This exciting monolithic solid material contains 40% pre-consumer recycled material and is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream. Chroma is highly durable – solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications, formable – can be shaped to accommodate radius curves and structural – thick ( 12,7, 25,4 and 50,4mm) and stable for engineered load bearing applications.

3form Chroma     3form Chroma


  • solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications
  • heat form curves with a gentle radius
  • Renewable Matte surface can be renewed after years of use, keeping it out of landfill
  • Chroma+ finishes come with a range of tactile and sophisticated designs with a revolutionary new process
  • for translucent acrylic.
  • Chroma Morph incorporates an exclusive range of handmade metallic fabrics created especially for 3form.
  • thick and stable for engineered load bearing applications
  • amazing clarity for unrivaled light transmission
  • optional opaque backing in white or reflective
  • on request contains 40% recycled 

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