• 3Form Facet



Innovative 3form Facet is a completely modular system for window screens and space dividing application with endless possibilities. 3form Facet lets you play with light and shadow with 3D elements that can individually rotate 360 degrees to create unique, interactive patterns. Facet is made from high quality sustainable materials that can be fully recycled.

From screens to a large scale eye catching centre piece, Facet brings a new dimension to interior space design.

3Form Facet

Facet is a simple, modular system with only five components so it is very easy to install. Made with a light weight, ceiling counted frame, attachment elements and 3D shapes that click easily onto the frame.

The frame unit is hexagon shaped which can be scaled horizontally & vertically to increase width and height making the product very flexible, interactive and playful.

The Facet shapes are easy to attached to the frame with a simple click. Each Facet can then be rotated 360 degrees individually or in sets to create different patterns and transparency.

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