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Interlam has taken walling from boring and mundane to exciting and unique. Flat walling is so yesterday, and new inspirational designs are the current rage for office interiors.

When you choose Interlam carved architectural wall panels  the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your own imagination. The panels can be used in countless ways outside the standard wall application. From large scale wall art to unique room dividers, quality furniture components to store fixtures, from eye-catching trade show exhibits to ceiling panels, and everything in between.

Cladding Interlam

For outstanding performance, durability and consistency in Interlam’s carved Architectural Wall Panels, this proprietary formulation of a specific IDF board provides a more consistent density profile throughout the thickness of the board. The advanced refining processes and high quality wood fibres offer excellent surface qualities for deep, detailed profiling of carved MDF wall panels and furniture components. An increased internal bond makes this grade ideal for intricate machining and is a popular choice for retail and commercial displays. The consistent density ensures even finishing and uniform carving profiles. Interlam is proud to be the only manufacturer providing this core to the carved MDF wall panel market.

Cladding Interlam     Cladding Interlam

This cladding product will breathe new life into any office, retail or hospitality interior, transforming the insipid into a wonderland that will inspire enthusiasm from both employees and visitors alike.

An extensive range of no fewer than 116 carved, sculpted and textured architectural wall panelling products will dramatize your working environment; choose from a plethora of texture and colour finishes which will create a space that is both unique and inspirational.

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