• Ergo 50 Call Centre

Ergo 50 Call Centre

An elegant yet hardwearing Call Centre screening solution, featuring integral worktops. Ergo 50 Call Centre does it all. It provides privacy, connectivity, a comfortable working environment, maximises working space and looks great. Truly the ultimate Call Centre solution.


The heavily saturated, harsh nature of Call Centres requires a special kind of Screening solution. A partitioning system that is not only stylish, but also dampens acoustics and is robust enough to withstand the rigours of the environment. Introducing Ergo 50 Call Centre.

Ergo 50 Call Centre


Call Centre employees are infamously tough on their cubicles. With their headsets on, their hands are free to tamper, twist and play all day long. As a result, any partitioning system used in a Call Centre needs to be tough. No problem for Ergo 50 Call Centre. As it´s based on the same robust 50mm aluminium framework as the rest of the Ergo 50 line, Ergo 50 Call Centre is more than up to the job.

Another benefit of Ergo 50 Call Centre´s 50mm thickness is that it allows for a hollow inner core. This assists tremendously with sound absorption and acoustics… essential in the Call Centre environment.

As Ergo 50 Call Centre is based on the same platform as the rest of the Ergo 50 line, work surfaces can be suspended off the screens themselves. It´s so strong in fact, it can easily handle someone sitting on the work surface. This not only means huge space savings, but since the purchase of desk support structures are not required, cost savings too.

A further aspect to consider is cable reticulation. In Call Centres, it’s not uncommon to have three computer screens and a number of telephone and network points. With Ergo 50 Call Centre, our Ergo Connect system is built in to ensure more than ample termination points in a neat and convenient manner.

As with all Ergo 50 systems, Ergo 50 Call Centre is demountable.


Typically, call Centre employees spend a great deal of time at their desks. It is therefore imperative for comfort that soft surfaces are used. Ergo 50 Call Centre embraces this, and has therefore been designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind.


Refer to the ERGO 50 Full Height and ERGO 50 Low Level pages for detailed specifications.