• Ergo 50 Connect

Ergo 50 Connect

Flexible, integrated cabling solutions. Ergo Connect is truly the answer to every power and data distribution problem. Convenient, elegant and flexible, it allows for the unrestricted design of interiors and ensures complete end-user satisfaction.


For a cabling solution that gets both power and data where it´s needed in the most simple, elegant way possible, look no further than ERGO Connect.


  • Cost effective
  • Rapid installation and configuration
  • Numerous termination solutions
  • Pre-conceived ceiling details

Ergo 50 Connect


In the past, power and data used to run through skirting boards. To move away from this prescriptive system, Ergo Connect embraces the new methodology of routing cables through the ceiling.

This way, power and data can easily be taken to any point in the interior space, neatly and efficiently. Once at the correct location, cables are vertically channelled via a power pole or a decorative panel to our Low Level systems, or through the screening framework itself in the case of our Full Height systems.

Horizontal cable routing is just a simple. Here cables are routed through the panels themselves, no matter whether they´re Full Height or Low Level.

Ergo 50 Connect     Ergo 50 Connect


Ergo Connect is also designed with the end user in mind. Whether power and data is needed at desk level, skirting level or even eye-level, Ergo Connect will supply it through a range of durable, aesthetically pleasing termination points.


Panel height: up to 3 400mm
Panel width: up to 1 200mm
Screen thickness 50mm ( 32mm centre cavity )
MDF or cement fibre board
2mm foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim 1mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Adjustable levelling ferrules (accommodates up to 40mm)
Plastic locking caps – if needed
Screen Finishes: Selected upholstery fabric
Painted boards
Contract vinyls and wallpapers
Wood veneers
Single or double Perspex / Glass glazing
Lattice work
White boards / pin boards
Acoustical performance: 19dBA insertion loss
Transmission Loss Value: 30 dBA
Fire rating: May change based upon various finishes