• Ergo 50 Display

Ergo 50 Display

High impact graphic displays that offer privacy and connectivity. No matter what the industry, Ergo 50 Display is the perfect medium to achieve a striking interior space with practically no limitations to creativity.


Any installation that requires both full-colour graphic displays and a screening solution is an ideal candidate for Ergo 50 Display. Not only does it get the message across, it channels power, data and provides privacy.

Ergo 50 Display


Like all Ergo 50 products, Ergo 50 Display is based on our tough 50mm aluminium framework and comes equipped with Ergo Connect as standard. It’s available for both floor-to-ceiling and low-level applications and is easily customisable for just about any application.

Since Ergo 50 Display is based on the same structure as all Ergo 50 products, one can have a graphic display on one side of the screen and any of our vast range of finishes on the other. This means everything from writing walls to function rails can be specified to make Ergo 50 Display as practical as it is striking.

Although its tough aluminium structure will last in excess of 25 years, display panels can be easily replaced to keep up with the times.

Like all products in the Ergo 50 range, Ergo 50 Display is demountable.

Ergo 50 Display     Ergo 50 Display


Like all of Ergo 50´s screening finishes, Ergo 50 Display provides both privacy partitioning and high visual impact. Specifically designed to allow a company to display images of its specific industry, its branding or product offerings, Ergo 50 Display can also simply be used for general graphics and aesthetic purposes.

As a result, not only can Ergo 50 Display be used to identify what a company is all about, but through breathtaking full-colour imagery, help it portray the image it wants to put across. This makes it especially useful in showrooms, the retail sector as well as the corporate environment.


Refer to the ERGO 50 Full Height and ERGO 50 Low Level pages for detailed specifications.