• Ergo 50 Full Height

Ergo 50 Full-Height

The floor-to-ceiling partitioning system that´s as practical as it is stylish. Everything about Ergo 50 Full-Height says ´possibilities´. Put it to the test and see where your imagination can take your interior space.


ERGO 50 Full Height is a versatile, demountable, floor-to-ceiling aluminium framework that can accommodate a massive variety of creative panelling options. This makes it perfect for just about any application where one needs to demarcate areas or create privacy in a simple yet elegant fashion.

Ergo 50 Full Height


Made from a strong, 50mm aluminium framework that has a patented and design registered linking system, Ergo 50 Full Height is the ultimate partitioning solution.

Since it attaches to the underside of ceilings, Ergo 50 Full Height can accommodate variances in floor heights and be placed over tiles, carpets or laminate flooring without causing damage. A simple clip on skirting detail then covers any variance, ensuring a flush fit, no matter what the floor finish.

Without doubt, Ergo 50 Full-Height is the ultimate in creative partitioning. The system also includes Ergo Connect, our internal power and data cable management system, to ensure interiors are as neat as they are beautiful.

Its tough aluminium structure will also last in excess of 25 years during which time, panels can be replaced or reupholstered to keep up with changing fashions and cable management advancements.

Despite all of this however, Ergo 50 Full Height´s best feature is that it is demountable and reusable.

Corporate environments that experience dynamic and reactive changes in their business direction use ERGO 50: a system that can facilitate a rapid redeployment of staff and the working environment, ensuring that these changes are carried out as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible, with no damage to building infrastructure.


  • Cost effective reconfiguration
  • Tax efficient
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration
  • Industry leading reticulation management
  • Range of functional accessories and finishes
  • Aesthetically versatile
  • Solid glazed hinged and sliding doors

Ergo 50 Full Height     Ergo 50 Full Height


No matter whether the interior needs acoustic dampening, privacy or stylish area demarcation, Ergo 50 Full Height is the solution.

Our partitions can be configured for just about any conceivable circumstance. Panels can be installed vertically, horizontally, in a cottage pane style, in curved runs or a combination of styles in not only walls, but doors too.

Ergo 50 Full-Height can also accommodate a huge variety of screening finishes. Choose between glass, soft finishes, writable surfaces, an array of inspired MDF options or our unique range of resin and acrylic mediums – blinds can even be inserted between double-glazing. In fact, with Ergo 50 Full Height, the only limitation is imagination.

Panel height: up to 3 400mm
Panel width: up to 1 200mm
Screen thickness 50mm ( 32mm centre cavity )
MDF or cement fibre board
2mm foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim1,2 -1,6 mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Adjustable levelling ferrules (accommodates up to 40 mm)
Plastic locking caps – if needed
Screen Finishes: Selected upholstery fabric
Painted boards
Contract vinyls and wallpapers
Wood veneers
Single or double Perspex / Glass glazing
Lattice work
White boards / pin boards
Acoustical performance: 19dBA insertion loss (May change under different conditions)
Transmission Loss Value: 30 dBA (May change under different conditions)
Fire rating: May change based upon various finishes