• Ergo 50 Low-Level

Ergo 50 Low-Level

Stylish, open-plan screening that provides both privacy and connectivity. No matter what how challenging the open-plan environment, Ergo 50 Low Level has a solution that is not only effective, but stylish too. Put it to the test and see where your imagination can take your interior space.


Ergo 50 Low Level is a versatile, demountable, screening framework that embraces today´s open-plan office environments. Built to support a variety of stylish panelling options above and below the desk, counter tops as well as manage data and power cables with Ergo Connect, it´s the ultimate open-plan privacy solution.

Ergo 50 Low-Level


Made from the same 50mm aluminium framework used in our Ergo 50 Full Height systems, Ergo 50 Low Level can be installed by itself or in conjunction with Ergo 50 Full Height. This makes it perfect for interiors where both offices and open plan cubicles are required.

Ergo 50 Low Level can either be installed as a desk-based system, or from the floor up. Despite being a low level system, its unique framework is strong enough to support desks and counter tops. This makes Ergo 50 Low Levels the perfect space saving privacy solution.

Just like its bigger brother, Ergo 50 Low Levels can support an incredible variety of screening materials which allows for the design of beautiful, unrestricted interior spaces. It also includes Ergo Connect, our internal power and data cable management system. This means network and power cable outlets can be neatly positioned at the work surface so they´re easy to reach – and as all Ergo Connect systems are fully compatible, Ergo 50 Low Level and Full Height integrate seamlessly.

In addition to creating privacy, Ergo 50 Low Levels can also be specified with function rails that lift office equipment and stationery off the desk to maximise work space – essential in offices where space is limited.


  • Cost effective reconfiguration
  • Tax efficient
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration
  • Industry leading reticulation management
  • Range of functional accessories and finishes
  • Aesthetically versatile
  • Solid glazed hinged and sliding doors


There´s no doubt that open-plan offices are more space efficient and improve both communication and workflow. There are, however, times when employees need their own space and privacy, which is why Ergo 50 Low Level is the ideal solution.

Not only does Ergo 50 Low Level provide acoustic dampening, it also makes an open-office neater – not to mention more stylish. Choose between glass, soft finishes, writable surfaces, an array of inspired MDF options or our unique range of resin and acrylic mediums to make a statement.

Ergo 50 Low-Level     Ergo 50 Low-Level


Panel height: 800 mm 3 000mm (Vertical increments of 50mm apply)
Panel width: 400 mm – 1 800 mm (Horizontal increments of 50mm apply)
Screen thickness 50mm ( 32mm centre cavity )
MDF or cement fibre board
3mm foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim 1mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Adjustable levelling ferrules (accommodates up to 40mm)
Plastic locking caps – if needed
Screen Finishes: Selected upholstery fabric
Painted boards
Contract vinyls and wallpapers
Wood veneers
Single or double Perspex / Glass glazing
Lattice work
White boards / pin boards
Acoustical performance: Changes under different conditions
Transmission Loss Value: 30 dBA (May change under different conditions)
Fire rating: May change based upon various finishes