• Ergo 50 Add-ons

Ergo 50 Add-ons

Functional, aesthetically pleasing accessories for clutter-free workspaces. Don´t let practicality offset the flow of the design, make sure Ergo 50 Add-Ons are specified from the start.


In today´s space conscious interiors, clutter is a major obstacle to the ergonomics of a working environment.

The good news is that the entire Ergo 50 product line has an extensive array of space saving add-ons/accessories to keep work surfaces tidy and functional, while enhancing the aesthetic of the interior layout.

Ergo 50 Add-ons Accessories


Built to work seamlessly with the entire Ergo 50 product line, Ergo 50 Add-Ons are the ideal way to maximise the space of work surfaces.

Besides integrating harmoniously with whatever product or finish is chosen, Ergo 50 Add-Ons are specifically designed to get letter trays, paper cubes, telephones, computers and monitors off the desk surface and out of the way.

In addition to this, Ergo 50 Add-Ons are also the ideal space saving solution to shelving, signage and counter surfaces.

Ergo 50 Add-ons     Ergo 50 Add-ons


Refer to the ERGO 50 Full Height and ERGO 50 Low Level pages for detailed specifications.