• Ergo 50 Add-ons

Horizon Add-ons

Functional, aesthetically pleasing add-ons for clutter-free workspaces. Don’t let practicality offset the flow of the design, make sure Horizon Add-Ons are specified from the start.


Built to work seamlessly with the entire Horizon product line, Horizon Add-Ons are the ideal way to maximise the space of work surfaces.

Horizon Add-ons

Horizon Add-Ons are specifically designed to get letter trays, paper cubes, telephones, computers and monitors off the desk surface and out of the way. In addition to this, Horizon Add-Ons allow for retrofit brackets, on the top of the screen. This means perforated metal, glass or any number of finishes can be added on top of the screen to extend the height.

Horizon Add-onsHorizon Add-ons


Refer to the HORIZON Low Level page for detailed specifications.