• Horizon Call Centre

Horizon Call Centre

The cutting-edge Call Centre screening solution. Horizon Call Centre is the well-thought out, unrestrictive call centre screening solution that puts style first, but never compromises on practicality.


The heavily saturated, harsh nature of Call Centres requires a special kind of screening solution. A solution that is not only stylish, but is also robust enough to withstand the rigors of the environment.

Horizon Call Centre


Horizon Call Centre is the natural choice to make a statement. Despite being unobtrusive and very stylish, Horizon Call Centre screens are also more than up to coping with even the most demanding office environments. Owing to our unique construction methods, they won´t twist, bend or flex and can withstand a surprising amount of abuse.

Horizon Call Centre panels also have the added advantage of being interchangeable. This means it is not necessary to settle for a single finish. Panels can be easily mixed and matched to achieve striking results.

An integrated power pole cable management facility will add to the aesthetics and not look like an afterthought.

With interchangeable panels and a trend-setting array of finishes, one can mix and match glass, inspired MDF creations, soft finishes or graphic panels to create a call centre that truly makes a statement.

Horizon Call CentreHorizon Call Centre


Refer to the HORIZON Low Level page for detailed specifications.


  • Cost effective reconfiguration
  • Tax efficient
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration
  • Industry leading reticulation management
  • Range of functional accessories and finishes
  • Aesthetically versatile