• Horizon Desk-Based

Horizon Desk-Based

The elegant, creative solution to screening for offices with desks. Horizon Desk-Based screens are the perfect way to add style, privacy and functionality to existing workstations.


HORIZON Desk-Based is a sleek screening solution that attaches to existing structures. It provides privacy, acoustic dampening and unrivalled creative flexibility.

Horizon Desk-Based


Horizon Desk-Based screens are the ideal partner to just about every desk range available in South Africa. With the ability to attach under most structures, it is the most unobtrusive way to add screens, modesty panels and functional elements such as pin boards, whiteboards and shelving to workstations.

Despite being unobtrusive and very stylish, Horizon Desk-Based screens are also more than up to coping with even the most demanding office environments. Owing to our unique construction methods, Horizon Desk-Based screens won’t twist, bend or flex and will withstand a surprising amount of abuse.

Horizon Desk-BasedHorizon Desk-Based


Not only do Horizon Desk-Based screens add privacy to workstations, they are also the ideal way to add style. With an incredible variety of finishes, an office can be brought up to date with the latest trends in interior design. Choose between glazing, soft finishes, solid panels or cutting edge acrylic mediums and experience true design freedom in desk based partitioning.


Panel height: 800 mm 2 100mm
(Vertical increments of 100mm apply)
Panel width: 300 mm – 1 800 mm (Fabric dependant)
(Horizontal increments of 100mm apply)
Caps: Zinc die-castings, finished to match framing.
Screen assembly: 16mm or 18 mm Ultra light MDF or
Xanita recycled cardboard
2mm Foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim 1,2 mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Adjustable levelling ferrules
Die cast locking caps
Connectors: Aluminium connectors finished to match frames:
2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 45°, 90° and 120°


  • Cost effective reconfiguration
  • Tax efficient
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration
  • Industry leading reticulation management
  • Range of functional accessories and finishes
  • Aesthetically versatile