• Horizon Display

Horizon Display

The versatile, high-impact screening solution. Horizon Display´s flexibility will aid any designer in creating the ultimate in high-impact displays.


Aimed at the retail, exhibition and point of sale market, Horizon Display is the ideal choice for creating a display that gets noticed.

Horizon Display


Horizon Display is an elegant framework that will never get in the way of the display finish. By using our composite board technology to maximum effect, we´ve created a slim structure that won´t twist or bend and is surprisingly strong.

Easily linkable and available in curved or straight panels that can be mixed and matched, Horizon Display is the solution for which interior designers have been looking.

Horizon DisplayHorizon Display


As with all Ergo Systems products, Horizon Display is available with a huge variety of cutting-edge finishes. Choose between glazing, stylish acrylic mediums or MDF boards that can be printed with just about any high-resolution, full colour graphic.

If the application requires graphics to be changed from time to time, we can also print onto magnetic sheets that can be replaced to suit any situation. Perfect for the automotive industry, retail branding or simply establishing a mood.


Refer to the HORIZON Low Level page for detailed specifications.