• Horizon Low-Levels

Horizon Low-Levels

The slimmer, sleeker screening solution with practically unlimited creative potential. Horizon Low Levels offer the ultimate in design freedom. Incorporating them in an office layout ensures privacy, functionality and unparalleled flexibility.


Horizon Low Levels is Ergosystems´ latest development. It´s a slimmer alternative with emphasis on the aesthetic and therefore perfect for the ultimate in creative interiors.

Horizon Low-Levels


Just because Horizon Low Level screens are sleek and aesthetically pleasing, doesn´t mean strength has been sacrificed. Horizon is a surprisingly strong screen, for its gauge. The reason for this is that it is a composite panel.

Horizon Low Level screens are essentially a composite board turned vertically, then clad on both sides with a finish and surrounded by closed end extrusions on its verticals and open-ended extrusions on its horizontals. The net result is a robust screen that does not twist, bend or flex.

Horizon Low-Level screens are also cost effective. This isn´t to say they’ve been de-engineered. In fact, Horizon screens have been designed from scratch to be strong and long-lasting, despite their sleek appearance. We´ve also ensured that no expense has been spared in their construction – they even have die cast, tamper proof caps, which are screwed down with stainless steel screws that won´t rust or deface.

Ultimately, what Ergosystem has achieved is a screen that meets the demands of designers in that it is thinner and more elegant, yet more than able to withstand the rigours of even the most demanding office environment.

Horizon Low-LevelsHorizon Low-Levels

Horizon Low Level screens are free-standing. They do not interface with the ceiling and simply sit on top of the floor surface. Despite this though, they’re able to support desk surfaces – a testament to the inherent strength gained through the design registered and patented attaching system. This same system gives the strength required to seamlessly join panels which are over 2meters high, in long runs with unrivalled stability.

Another benefit of Horizon Low Level´s unique attaching system is that panels can be curved or straight as well as mixed and matched for the ultimate in creative flexibility.


Just like Ergo 50, Horizon Low Levels can accommodate a huge variety of panel finishes. Choose between glazing, soft finishes, solid panels or cutting edge acrylic mediums, curved or straight, for the latest in interior design.

Horizon Low Level panels also have the added advantage of being interchangeable. This means it is not necessary to settle for a single finish. Panels can be easily mixed and matched to achieve striking results.


Panel height: 800 mm 2 100mm
(Vertical increments of 100mm apply)
Panel width: 300 mm – 1 800 mm (Fabric dependant)
(Horizontal increments of 100mm apply)
Caps: Zinc die-castings, finished to match framing.
Screen assembly: 16mm or 18 mm Ultra light MDF or
Xanita recycled cardboard
2mm Foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim 1,2 mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Adjustable levelling ferrules
Die cast locking caps
Connectors: Aluminium connectors finished to match frames:
2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 45°, 90° and 120°


  • Cost effective reconfiguration
  • Tax efficient
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration
  • Industry leading reticulation management
  • Range of functional accessories and finishes
  • Aesthetically versatile