• Horizon Mobile

Horizon Mobile

Privacy and branding where it´s needed. If on occasion, one needs privacy or promotional screens but doesn´t want to commit to the space required by a fixed installation, Horizon Mobile is clearly the answer.


HORIZON Mobile is ideal in ad-hoc environments where screening needs to be flexible. Create instant meeting areas, cordon off product displays or create high-impact branding areas with these sleek mobile units.

Horizon Mobile


Essentially, Horizon Mobile is a screen on castors. Curved mobile screens can also use a domed foot instead of castors. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, Horizon Mobile units are also surprisingly strong. The reason for this is that it is a composite panel that has been engineered from the ground up to be as durable as it is striking.

Horizon MobileHorizon Mobile


As a result, Horizon Mobile screens can be moved where they´re needed without the worry that they´ll bend or flex.

Due to their unique locking system, Horizon Mobile screens can be linked together to create an almost unlimited length of branding or screening. They can be curved, straight and go round corners. They can also be single or double sided. In fact they´re probably the most versatile screening solutions on the market today.


Stylish and functional, Horizon Mobile screens are the answer to any informal screening situation. Besides a variety of contemporary finishes to suit any office interior, one can also print digital graphics on them.

This makes Horizon Mobile Screens perfect for both privacy screening as well as promotional screens – and since they can be double-sided, they can perform both functions at the same time.


Panel height: 800 mm 2 100mm
(Vertical increments of 100mm apply)
Panel width: 600 mm – 1 200 mm
(Horizontal increments of 100mm apply)
Frame: Extruded aluminium profiles of Alloy T6063 23mm thick
Finish can be anodised aluminium or a variety of powder coated colours
Caps: Zinc die-castings, finished to match framing.
Screen assembly: 16mm MDF or polywood
Xanita recycled cardboard
2mm Foam backed fabric
Aluminium trim 1,2 mm wall thickness (various extrusions)
Castor feet