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Kubik is a modular anodised aluminium construction system. Aluminium extrusions are cut precisely to size and assembled into square frames, thanks to an engineered locking mechanism, consisting of a corner connector and cast key.

The frames can be locked together in height and width to form large panels used as walls, doors, windows, signage, floor and ceiling systems.

Ergosystem Kubik

The structure is predominantly used as a light box system due to its ingenious locking and modular assembly creating a very robust structure with thin aluminium lines and a very high tec look.

Panel inserts can be a variety of mediums, from perspex, Plexiglas, di bond, MDF, veneers, glass etc.

Ergosystem Kubik     Ergosystem Kubik

The frame is a hollow structure with a cavity of 50mm, allowing for lights cables, speakers etc.

Being a modular system, Kubik is pre manufactured and packaged in our factory allowing fast easy and dust free installation. As with all other systems from Ergosystem, Kubik is recyclable, reusable and can easily be relocated.

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