• Cladding Mirroflex


Mirroflex is a 3 dimensional, decorative thermoplastic wall cladding. The decorative surface is fused to its substrate utilising several propriety techniques that create a laminate suitable for its intended use.

The panels feature BIO (Built in overlap), a unique overlap seam system that makes installation easy and hides the seams. Several Mirroflex finishes are now standard with “Tuffcote”, a new top coat treatment that makes the product 3 times more scratch resistant. Mirroflex is flexible enough to be rolled for UPS shipping, yet it is completely rigid when laminated.

These products are most similar to high pressure laminates in thickness and size.

Cladding Mirroflex

They have impact, chemical abrasion, uv, stain and fire resistant properties. Mirroflex structures are available in multiple sizes and are suitable for walls, wainscoting, ceilings, back splashes, furniture, display fixtures and many other interior design applications.

Hundreds of designs and colour combinations are possible and many are in stock for immediate delivery.

To view product and installation images click here. Visit the international website: www.atilaminates.com/mirroflex