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Mofex is a quality, affordable,modular, pre engineered, accurate and precise customisable component clip on system manufactured offsite and installed fast and accurately with no mess. no stress and no surprises!

Mofex as a cladding system, uses the Omega and Omega plus profiles, which can be applied to almost any structure or can be entirely freestanding if using the Cemax system profiles.


The system then allows pre manufactured panels in a variety of finishes to simply be clipped on or clipped  off.

Existing walls do not need and preparation or special constructions . Metal spacers allow for surface mounted conduits, pipes and electrical cables to simply be concealed.

  • No Drilling
  • No grinding
  • No wet works
  • No plastering
  • No cleaning
  • No downtime
  • No damage
  • No hidden costs
  • No delays

Mofex     Mofex

Mofex modular walling systems has changed the way people think about walls and interior constructions worldwide, let alone in South Africa. Mofex creates stylish sylish and affordable functional walls with in minutes to adapt and change decor requirements, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Mofex has distinguishable variants, the retail variation which exposes the concealed ladder track system allowing for all horizontal and vertical retail accessories to be utilised. The gap between panels in the retail spec is 7 mm.

The architectural variation has only a 1,5mm between panels and is purely  aesthetic with minimal gaps.

Mofex is ecological as all waste is generated and managed at source where it is recycled effectively and thrown into an onsite communal skip and dumped as landfill. Mofex in its completed state is also recyclable and reusable. A green building product for the future.

To view product and installation images click here. Visit the international website: www.mofex.eu