• Toilet Cubicles

Toilet Cubicles

Demountable toilet cubicles are a new addition to the Ergosystem repertoire.

Following the international trend of using glass cladding in public spaces and healthcare facilities due to the improved hygiene qualities, Ergosystem toilet cubicles use printed glass to great effect.

Toilet Cubicles

This coupled with another one of our cladding products, Mirroflex, thermoplastic panels, used on side walls, makes Ergosystem toilet cubicles, some of the most attractive in the market. In keeping with our business philosophy practical, efficient solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, using glass actually reduces vandalism. 3form products like Chroma and Varia ecoresin panels have also be used with great effect in some of our public restroom installations.

Toilet Cubicles     Toilet Cubicles


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