• Translucent FARAM P650


This striking demountable  glazing system works with straight or curved glass panels with transparent polycarbonate joints and high acoustic insulation gaskets.

The system was developed to compensate for both floor and ceiling unevenness during the installation phase. The top telescopic profile and the bottom levelling foot incorporated into the aluminium track gives the system vertical flexibility which allows it to accommodate up to 2.5 cm of unevenness in any place.


A patented transparent extruded polycarbonate joint, placed between glass panels creates a sturdy, yet uninterrupted wall, guaranteeing the brightness and transparency ofsingle-glazed partitions.A co-extruded rigid/soft PVC gasket guarantees optimum acoustic sealing along the whole wall perimeter. Hinged or sliding transparent doors complete the system.

The main features of the P650 are:

  • A completely transparent and uninterrupted surface
  • High range levelling system (+/- 25mm)

Faram P650 is an elegant single glazed system which is ideal for executive offices , meeting rooms, open plan offices, terminals and canteens.

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