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Frameless Assemblies

Frameless Assemblies Folding Stacking Door

The beauty of glass in interior applications is the fact that it allows space to be demarcated without taking away natural light. It is a durable, scratch poof and vandal resistant material that is loved by architects and interior designers alike. At the same time, it needs specialist knowledge and skill to be specified and installed properly. The team at Translucent Walling Solutions understands frameless glass, glass cladding and demountable frameless glass walling like few others in South Africa.

Balustrades & Barriers

Whether enclosing a swimming pool or creating a safety barrier on a staircase, Translucent Walling Solutions has the solution: from frameless glass balustrades; stainless steel handrails and even curved glass barriers. View product and installation images by clicking here.

Frameless Assemblies Balustrade     Frameless Assemblies Balustrade

Glass Cladding

With high traffic areas like lifts and stairwells, glass cladding provides a durable, vandal resistant  material that is elegant and hygienic. With the development of high resolution print techniques like acid etching and ceramic back painting, the sky is the limit in terms of aesthetic appeal of glass cladding in these areas. View more product and installation images by clicking here.

Frameless Assemblies Cladding     Frameless Assemblies Cladding

Frameless Opening Systems

Whether you have a glass partition that needs a door or want an entire “wall” of glass to be movable, we have the experience and partnerships to recommend and install the appropriate system for your project:

Frameless Stacking Doors

Frameless Assemblies Folding Stacking Door     Frameless Assemblies Stacking Door

Frameless Sliding Doors

Frameless Assemblies Sliding Door     Frameless Assemblies Sliding Door

Frameless Hinged Doors

Frameless Assemblies Hinged Door     Frameless Assemblies Hinged Door

Frameless Pivoting Doors

Frameless Assemblies Pivot Door     Frameless Assemblies Pivot Door

View product and installation images by clicking here.