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Interiors and exteriors, from office fit-outs through to multi-story façades; award winning Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile can be the modern touch that will make your project stand out without blowing the budget.

Our seamless mesh offers structural performance by using engineering-grade polycarbonates, making the mesh suitable for extremely high-wear environments such as: schools, airports, bars and public spaces; it has even been tested as a shark net. No seams and no joins, Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile is the only truly seamless mesh.

The lightweight properties of the mesh mean no expensive structural alterations are required to support the screens, and their 80% air flow permeability usually results in no changes to sprinkler, smoke detector locations or air-conditioning systems.


The mesh is made from a recyclable self-extinguishing, fire resistant and UV stabilised high-spec polycarbonate making it virtually impossible to scratch or damage. It is easy to handle on site with no special protection required and will not rust in corrosive environments.

We use stainless steel hardware and components, so our solutions won’t corrode; the seamless mesh structure gives a 20+year expected durability, backed by our 10-year warranty.

With only 1/8th the embodied energy of equivalent metal meshes, our Architectural Mesh is better for our environment.

Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile is 100% recyclable with a nil-waste production method. Its lightweight and compact properties offer efficient cartage options.

Our mesh can achieve difficult undulating shapes and three-dimensional forms without costly pattern cutting or modelling.

From tight radius, gently curved corners to huge self-supporting spans, they are all easily achieved in our seamless sheet format.

Kaynemaile Open State     Kaynemaile Closed State

Open State                                                              Closed State

Chainmail mesh can be used in two different ways, giving two different overall looks. We refer to this as the ‘State’ of the mesh. The state describes the space of the rings, closed or open.

Most Kaynemaile solutions are in Closed State. We usually recommend Closed State, as it’s more cost effective as a complete solution, stronger, is the only state that will hang freely or unrestrained and is easier to install.

Our instant screen solutions:

Hanging Screens

Spacemaile Hanging Screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution often used to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy or as a backdrop for signage or displays in retail and hospitality. They are perfect for hiding internal columns and turning them into a feature.


  • Weight At only 3kg m2 (0.6lbs/ft2) the hanging screens can be easily retrofitted to existing spaces, usually without additional structural support being required
  • Sizes Unlimited in size
  • Custom shapes Curves are easily accommodated without extra costs

Hanging Screens are a non-movable screen. Where an operable screen is required, specify Spacemaile™ Folding Screens.

Tension Screens

Spacemaile Tension Screens are a robust hard-wearing, rigid system, designed to be tensioned between the floor and ceiling. Tension Screens are ideal to use as floor-to-ceiling balustrades, security screening, green walls, screening for stairwells, lift shafts and most safety-from-falling applications.


  • Sizes Unlimited in overall size, with no joins or seams, spans floor to ceiling, no need for any additional posts, columns or structure
  • Custom shapes Curves and organic shapes are easily accommodated
  • Durability The mesh doesn’t show dirt or scratches like resin panels and because of its flexural impact absorbing nature it doesn’t dent on impact like steel meshes

Folding or Movable Screens

Spacemaile Folding Screens are an operable or movable screen, which means they are ideal for creating functional separation of large halls, bars and clubs or even in open-plan offices were intermittent screening is required. The Folding Screen solution is a result of numerous requests for a traditional concertina or movable ‘curtain’ using our hard wearing seamless Architectural Mesh. With the addition of coloured lighting, it easily becomes an elegant long-lasting feature.

Due to the behaviour of hanging mesh, traditional curtain track systems are not suitable. So we developed a stainless steel folding hanger system making the screen easy to handle by anyone.


  • Size Unlimited in overall size, with no seams
  • Operation Smooth, effortless hand operation, even screens over 6m high by 20+ metres in length can be deployed by one person
  • Stack ratio Incredibly low stack ratio of 10:1
  • Accessories An optional dropper system to suspend the roller track below uneven ceilings is available

Fixed Frame Infill Screens

Fixed-Frame Infill Screens are suitable to fit into joinery, windows or wall openings where a more open, visual look than our tension screen is required.


  • Appearance The Fixed-Framed Infill Screens are our only standard solution that uses our mesh in ‘Open State‘  This state of the mesh gives a an open look, with around 50% visual transparency compared to our Spacemaile screens which uses ‘Closed State‘ mesh at 20% visual transparency
  • Size Maximum approximately 3m x 6m
  • Suitable For fitting onto accurate window frames or door frames of bespoke furniture or joinery

Colour Options

Kaynemaile seamless mesh is available in nine colour choices, with an option of a frosted finish on selected colours. Custom colours are available on request.

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