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Ergo 50

The classical Ergo 50 range is truly demountable and can be relocated within a day. Ideal as a full height interior walling system, it can also be used as a low level system. Using ERGO 50 low levels can contribute to significant cost saving as desk tops can be suspended from the panels.

As a fully fledged walling system, Ergo 50 has solutions for bringing power to and from the panels (power poles & power panels), the panels can support reticulation and there are even accessories which can be suspended from the panels to keep desk surfaces clear.

Ergo 50 has been the system of choice in many Blue Chip corporate installations due to the flexibility and the service offered. The system is even used as a Display System and in Call Centres where integral desk tops are required.

On top of this, Ergo 50 is as green as it gets. Besides being reusable, its components are all completely recyclable. It’s also energy efficient. When transparent panels are specified, the natural light Ergo 50 lets through significantly cuts down on lighting costs.

Ergo 50 adds to wellbeing. Sick building syndrome is a well-documented contributor to unhappiness and a lack of productivity in the office environment. With Ergo 50’s unique range of panel finishes, one can bring the outside in and create a working environment that´s truly inspiring.